Family reunion events are essential if you do not want your reunion to leave everyone wondering why they came. Make preparations for events that will make your family reunion fun-filled. - Updated: May 22, 2018.

Family Reunion Events make it exciting during your reunion!

Family reunion events are essential if you do not want your reunion to leave everyone wondering why they came. Make preparations for events that will make your family reunion fun-filled. How best can you keep your reunion busy, fun and interesting? Well the following are some of the events you can plan for your family reunion:

Family Trivia

What other ways to get the ball rolling at your family reunion than throwing a family trivia game. Family trivia games provide opportunities to learn more about one another and the family history.
A trivia is essentially a quiz, but on your family reunion, the quiz should be about your family. Have the person in charge write down some questions about the family, and these questions will be directed to the whole family during the game. Family members who wish to answer can then raise their hands, and someone will be called upon. You should reward correct with appropriate gifts.

Examples of family trivia questions are:

  • When did Grandma and Grandpa wed?

  • What was Uncle Sean’s first job?


Storytelling is the foundation of most things in the society, the way the family exists, acts and communicates springs from storytelling. Storytelling goes beyond just entertaining at family reunions; it serves the broader purpose of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. Tell everyone to prepare a story about the family or individual members beforehand, and then let them take turns in sharing the stories with everyone.

Time Capsule

People make time capsules for various reasons. You can make one on your family reunion. A time capsule is a collection of items put together with the aim of preserving the memory of an experience. It is made to be opened many years in the future for people to recall an experience or to relate such experience to people who were not present at the time. Definitely an exciting way to keep beautiful memories intact, memories you want to pass on.
Get a strong airtight container, determine the date you want it to be opened and print it on the outside of the capsule. Write a time capsule record for your family reunion; you can add personal things such as family photos and memorabilia for your family reunion. Try to keep it interesting! Finally, you have to decide where to save the capsule; you can choose to bury it, keep it on a shelf or in an attic.

Eating Contest

Keep the atmosphere jolly and exciting at your family reunion by planning an eating contest. Family members are tasked with considerable quantities of food in a short time. The outstanding thing about this event is that it is not all about winning or losing, it’s about the fun it brings into a family reunion.

Decide on what food to offer, make sure the food is appetizing, and make sure the challenge is attainable. Get creative with the contest and make sure there are sufficient prizes for the partakers. An eating contest will make all family members present have the most pleasant experience.

Dance Competition

You don’t need to have a grand venue like a dance hall to host an exciting dance completion, all you need to do is get right music playing and watch your family members contend with their dancing skills. Make sure you have music that will interest everyone; contemporary music for the young ones and some good oldies for the older family members.
A dance competition is an excellent way to get family members off their seats and get them moving. It will go along the way creating the perfect family reunion atmosphere.

Scavenger Hunt

This is an excellent activity for the kids, but adults can partake. The hunt should be about looking for specific things or looking for valuables by solving clues that have been created to lead to them. Family members can play individually, or they can team up to make it more fun.
A scavenger hunt adds that element of enthusiasm and excitement to your family reunion and makes it fun. It is a great event to plan and partake in. With this event planned, your family reunion can never be boring.


Bingo is a great way to break the ice and start conversations on your family reunion. Make sure family members have a card and pencil, give them a few minutes to mix as they get their signatures in the bingo squares that relate to them. Make sure you don’t use a person’s signature more than once on your bingo sheet.
Before the game, have prizes available for everyone who completes their Bingo card. A great event to throw into the mix on your family reunion, bingo is a way to ensure adequate interaction among your family members.

Jokes and Stand-ups

Surely there are members of your family who are talented in making jokes, and as they say, laughter is indeed the best medicine. Family jokes are great icebreakers at family reunions. They can be about family members or just usual jokes.
Be careful not to offend anybody with your jokes, and if you feel one of your jokes may hurt someone, you can seek approval form that person beforehand. Keep the jokes short and tell them with confidence. Jokes go a long way in bringing relatives closer to one another.

Karaoke Contest

Karaoke contest is something you should plan for on your family reunion. If you have a karaoke machine or even a television or home theater system that can play your cds or something to connect your phone too, let everyone sing along to the music. This way, it is quite easy to get the kids involved in the family reunion experience.
It is a great form of entertainment for your family reunion. Sit back and watch your family members sing along to music form the karaoke machine. It is a perfect event for the catching up and reunion process.

Sack Race

The traditional sack race is one of the best family reunion games for kids. You choose to do the run individually or in pairs. Get gunny sacks before the family reunion and make sure there is an appropriate venue. Contestants would step into the sacks making sure that both legs are inside, the bags should come up at each player’s hips, and then they race to the finish line whenever they hear the word "GO".
Watching them race to the finish line can be funny. A sack race is a beautiful idea to ensure that everyone has a fun and memorable experience.

Fitness Challenge

Remember, this is not a cross fit exercise! This event should motivate everyone in the family to develop a healthy lifestyle. Apart from developing a fitness plan, there are several exciting ways by which you can help your family members get fit; you can play hide and seek, toss a football, play soccer, go swimming, go ice skating and many more physical activities.
Relatives get the opportunity to bond while doing these challenges. Make sure you do not plan difficult challenges. The aim should be fun for your relatives on your family reunion.

Guess That Voice Challenge

There are several ways you can do this challenge. Get some family members to stand and face one direction and the players to face the opposite direction. The challenge master will direct someone to speak while the players will guess whose voice it is.
This is an exciting challenge as it helps family members to bond; especially the extended family. Include a "Guess That Voice Challenge" in your family reunion events for a beautiful family fun experience for you and your family.

Best Poet

There is a need to experience something deep and profound when you all get together for your family reunion. Let members of your family who are poetically inclined recite their poems to the whole family.
These poems should be about love, family, dreams and other related subjects. After each recitation, have family members comment on each poem and probably choose which verse they feel was the best. Poems make it possible for family members to connect on a deeper level.

Family Feud

This is a great group game, and kids can partake. This game has existed for a very long time. It generally involves setting family members against one another.
Prepare questions to be asked during the feud, divide the participants into two equal groups, the group that answers more question will win the prize at the end of the day.
The things you will need for this include; a stopwatch to keep time, survey questions, and prizes. A family feud encourages teamwork, and it helps everyone to catch up and have a good time on family reunions.

Tug of War

This is an exciting game as you can play it repeatedly with different combinations of players. Get strong ropes, divide family members into teams: this is part of the fun as family members will want to team up with the strong members. Mark the centre of the rope with a tape and then mark at intervals.
You start the game by making sure the centre of the cord is directly over a line on the ground. The goal is to pull the opposites group until the markings on either side cross the centre line. A tug of war is sure to provoke laughter on your family reunion.

Fashion Show

A fashion show is a fantastic family reunion idea. You don’t need something as grand as a real fashion show with the extensive runway, exquisite attire and large audience, unless of course that is your thing! All you need to do is get music playing and watch your family show off their clothes, designs, innovations, concepts.
There is a lot of fun to be had in a family reunion fashion show. The emphasis should not be on the clothes but on the way they are presented. Remember not to leave anyone out, be creative with the show and have fun.

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